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School of Timothys Life Centers

School of timothys life centers

Our School of Timothys Life Centers allow community organizations find and locate the proper resources to meet the need of their members and develop them socially and economically. Because we understand the wealth and answer is within the people themselves; and the goal of community organizations like the church is designed to build strong families; our goal is come alongside and give these organizations the strategies and resources to empower the parents within them to rebuild their lives and the lives of their children.

These safe family friendly atmospheres allows everyone in the community to share their resources with one another. We accomplish this by developing an infrastructure that leverages the best God-given talent, skill, and abilities of each individual within each community. Our goal is to help community organizations equip and unify the family by teaching practical, workable skills in a mentorship atmosphere, where the older and skilled will teach the younger, and guide them through to designing success. The experience of teaching, mentoring, and apprenticing our students will help them to attain to a more powerful position in the area of gainful employment and enrichment. Arming our students with expertise and confidence is an entry to reunify the core of our nation’s existence. Our services are designed to promote unity through the use of secure information technologies such as wireless communications, membership portals, mentoring schools, and sports programs.

Our School of Timothys Life Centers rebuilds the foundation of our communities from the inside out, starting with the individual, using 5 main pillars:

Educational development system

where we create custom or strategic curriculum that meets local community needs.

Personal development system

with life coaches to help local individuals understand and harness their God given talents as they transition to a new way of life.

Leadership development system

that enables successful experience leaders to reproduce themselves in the lives of the local people.

Economic development system

that helps local individuals realizes their dream of owning and operating a successful business.

Creating an environment of change (Life Centers)

that encourages individuals and facilitates change


List of our School of Timothy’s Life Centers of Excellence
* Click on the Center of Excellence links below to enter the sites

Northern Virginia – TYMSNOW SOT Center of Excellence – VA-1 – The National Conference Center  – 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg, VA 20176