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Life Centers of Change

We at TYMSNOW realize one of the main obstacles to change is our environment. The old saying is true “we are all the product of our environment.. Thus even with all the many programs that give many people assistance things still seem the same. It is hard to change when we have never known or cannot understand what we are trying to change too. This is why children need a healthy environment to reach their full potential.At TYMSNOW we answer that challenge by building an environment that facilitates the change we are looking to create through our Life Centers.

That is why we at TYMSNOW creates “Environments of Change” that allows residents in Urban communities to transition their place of residence into self-sufficient communities.

To make it simple, we believe that building people, builds communities.We also believe that by changing the environment people will change. Therefore, TYMSNOW seeks to build environments to create success.

Local Life Centers

Each Local Life center will be directed by Local Life Center director who will manage the day-to-day operations. The local Life Center Director will be supported by two divisions, the Leadership Directors and Spiritual Advisors. The Leadership Directors will follow the direction and guidance of the TYMSNOW Strategic Partnership Team described in Section 4.3.1 Mentorships and Internships. Their main objective is to provide leadership development of the Life Center directors. The Spiritual Advisors will consist of local spiritual leaders of the communities its supports. These Spiritual Advisors will focus on the spiritual development of the students.

Each local Life Center will house and Education Director who will develop special curriculum for the skills and abilities needed for the local area; and Life Coach Director to help guide the students as they transition to a new way of life; a Business Director who help guide students into owning and operating a successful business; a Human Resource Director who will match students with vacant jobs; a Technology Director who will ensure the communication is safe and family friendly; and finally a Property Management Director who will manage the Life Center facilities that include student housing, landscaping, Life Center classrooms, and franchise facilities.