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Legal Development System

Legal Life Coaches

Our legal life coaches are there to help you understand what it takes to protect your loved ones. Their hands on approach ensure you will get the understanding and skill you need to manage your legal assets.

We accomplish this through with a holistic approach that changes or improves your financial lifestyle while giving you the understanding to manage your legal obligations. Our system includes the following:

Hands on Legal Life Coaching

  • A 12 week hands on session where our legal life coaches will walk you through exercises that will help you create the documents and obtain the protection your need to protect your your families.

Legal Services through our School of Timothys Center of Excellence

You and your business will have access to a nationwide network of plan attorneys that have contracted with Legal Care Directâ„¢ to provide free and discounted legal services. Upon contacting our MSD, you will be referred to a plan attorney based on language, area of law, and location.

Benefit Features

Free Legal Services*: The following services are available at no charge from your plan attorney. Please read this section carefully.

  • During normal business hours, you may call your plan attorney with any new legal matter. A new legal matter is one of which you have never spoken to the attorney before. Your attorney will listen to your issue, advise you about your legal rights, and help you resolve your issue. In some cases, further legal advice may be unnecessary. If not, you may be advised on how to resolve your issue by yourself. If further representation is necessary, then you and your attorney will decide the next step. You may be responsible for long distance toll charges for telephone calls made by your attorney to you or on your behalf.
  • Before you sign on the dotted line, bring your independent legal documents to your plan attorney for review. Legal documents include: loan agreements, leases, commercial real estate contracts, business agreements, etc. Your plan attorney will review up to 5 documents, up to 10 pages in length each, per quarter at no charge. Additional pages may be reviewed or the entire document may be rewritten at the discounted hourly rate plus costs. Documents that are part of an ongoing case or require extended legal service are not included in this section.
  • Phone calls often help resolve legal matters. When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will make 2 initial free phone calls per month (1 initial free phone call for each new legal matter). Follow up calls for each matter will be billed at the guaranteed low hourly rate.
  • Letters often help resolve legal matters. When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will draft 3 initial free letters per month (1 initial free letter for each new legal matter). Follow up letters for each matter will be billed at the guaranteed low hourly rate.
  • Initial in-person consultations for any new legal matters are available at no cost (limited to 30 minutes per new legal matter). Further consultations concerning the same legal matter will be billed at the guaranteed low hourly rate.
  • Registered Agent – Your plan attorney will act as registered agent for your business in the state which you are incorporated. A participating attorney in another state will serve as registered agent in other states where your business may be registered. All state registration and filing fees are additional.
  • Collection Letters will be prepared by your attorney at no cost to you. Up to 10 initial (first time) letters per quarter for new matters will be provided. Follow up calls and letters will be at either the guaranteed low hourly rate or at the contingency fee percentage.

*In many states, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to obtain a retainer from you prior to providing some of the free member benefits.

**Court costs, filing fees and time charged for travel to and from any courts are additional.