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Educational Development System

Our Educational Development System has all the training anyone would need.
Our online Educational Development System is powered by Graduate America. Graduate America is dedicated to helping better prepare all of its students to compete in the constantly evolving, global economy by way of a more personal approach to learning.

At its core, Graduation America aims to raise the bar in terms of delivering both a superior quality education and training options to professionals and organizations across a host of different industries. We’ve certified over 500 different campuses across North America to help facilitate these goals and have over 1500+ online courses that let you get the education you want, how you want, at a fraction of the price you’d normally expect to pay.

By using technology more effectively and by tailoring education to meet the unique needs of the situation, learning is once again the rich, fulfilling journey filled with discovery, challenges, inspiration and wonder that it was always meant to be. Thousands of students every year utilize Graduate America both for its proven learning platform and for the type of flexibility and customization when it comes to continuing education that they just won’t find anywhere else. Also available is the Graduate America Stewardship, which helps make possible scaled, measurable outcomes for students AND builds a solid foundation for companies and businesses across the country to recognize student success on a continuing basis.

The Education Department also uses a more traditional teaching style with a few twists. It provides traditional classroom facilitation organization that strives to uplift the community though education, mentoring programs and partnerships. We accomplish this by developing an infrastructure that leverages the best God-given talent, skill, and abilities of each individual within each community. Our goal is to equip and unify the family by teaching practical, workable skills in a mentorship atmosphere, where the older and skilled will teach the younger, and guide them through to success. The experience of teaching, mentoring, and apprenticing our students will help them to attain to a more powerful position in the area of gainful employment and enrichment. Arming our students with expertise and confidence is an entry to reunify the core of our nation’s existence.

Through the use of custom curriculums the educational department can provide strategic content that meets organization’s needs. These classes can be created within one month and can be facilitated either onsite or in a virtual classroom depending upon the need of the organization. Our team will manage all the process, all organizations need to do is provide the content and people to train.

To provide business for economic development to our communities, our education department provides ongoing business development courses designed to grow tithe the student. These course range from our TYMSNOW Orientation course which introduces the student to TYMSNOW way of doing things, to Business Leadership course that develops the students into successful CEO’s, to our premier Customer service course.