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Family Development

Off to School and Into a New Routine

Off to School and Into a New Routine (Family Features) The fall season is met with many transitions, from cooler weather to time changes to more time spent indoors. Among these transitions is the immediate shift from packing beach bags for a day in the sun to packing suitcases to head back to campus for a new semester. As every student’s routine faces an overhaul this time of year, it is important to bear in mind any health needs that may come into play while away from home. “When my patients are off to college – be it for the very first time, or as a returning...

Caring for Caregivers

Caring for Caregivers How to prevent caregiver burnout (Family Features) While caring for an older family member – whether it be a spouse, parent or grandparent – can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a difficult and overwhelming task. This is especially true if your loved one lives with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related illnesses. Whether it’s out of love or obligation, caring for a chronically ill or disabled family member (and potentially his or her financial and legal interests) can come at the expense of the caregiver’s quality of life. In addition to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle outside of caregiving responsibilities, it is important...

God’s Answer to Marriages Under Attack

[Web-Dorado_Zoom] God's Answer to Marriages Under Attack   As I was praying one day the Lord showed me the hearts of many people in our troubled times today. He saw everyone’s hurts, pains, and uncertainty. He showed me how Isaiah 43 was His answers to the dilemmas many people are facing today. As the Lord was showing me the answer to your situations, I was amazed. Therefore I want to show everyone what the Lord was showing me through Isaiah 43. Before I explain the answer to your dilemma in Isaiah 43 I want to point out something. For everyone who is trying to ask why things have happened....