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Caring for Caregivers

Caring for Caregivers How to prevent caregiver burnout (Family Features) While caring for

November 28, 2018

God’s Answer to Marriages Under Attack

God’s Answer to Marriages Under Attack   As I was praying one day the Lord show

November 28, 2018

Off to School and Into a New Routine

Off to School and Into a New Routine (Family Features) The fall season is met with many tr

November 28, 2018



Personal Development System

Life coaches to help local individuals understand and harness their God given talents as they transition to a new way of life

Real Results

Our goal is help every family achieve the dream of financial freedom and healthy relationship for many generations

In our School of Timothy life centers life coaching is not what we do; life coaching is a way of life. In our life centers everyone becomes a life coach that helps someone else. At our School of Timothy life centers, families have access to certified life coaching at every turn who walk beside them to ensure they meet their goals and dreams.

Family Analytics

Our proprietary family analytics improves the lives of families

We use proprietary family analytics to create solutions that holistically empower families. We use a combination of assessments and in-person evaluations to generate key strategies that causes families get the resources necessary to achieve all their goals and desires together.

Family Life Initiative

Bringing the community together to rebuild families from the inside out.

Our Family Life Initiative creates and environment where the community can work as one to rebuild from the inside out, by empowering the Head of Household to lead their families through education, counseling, mentorships, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Family Analytics

Our end-to-end system allows families to track the mental, physical, financial, economic, and spiritual health and well-being.

Our life coaches use this data to develop custom family development plans designed to empower the whole family unit.

We strive to create a safe atmosphere were families can grow and share resources with each other.



Life Coaches to walk with you

The Life Coach creation is for the head of households that want to give up on themselves and their purpose as husband, wives, sons and daughters...


Legal Management

Our legal life coaches are there to help you understand what it takes to protect your loved ones...


Spiritual Development

Ever wanted to know who is God, who is God the Father and how does He work; who is God the Son and what does He do...


Financial Management

Our financial life coaches are there to help you maximize your financial lifestyle..



We help you manage your life by 1) Helping you understand your areas of strengths and weakness. 3) Targeting the areas of weakness in your life. 3) Providing tools and training to strengthen thoes weaknesses

Pricing Plans for Each Family

Our Family Plans are designed to meet each family or organization's needs..

  • $99
  • Family On-Demand

  • per month with $120 setup fee
    • Custom Family Development Plans
    • 8 On-Demand family leadership courses
    • TYMSNOW Family leadership training
    • TYMSNOW on-demand education and business portal
    • TYMSNOW community programs
    • TYMSNOW apparel
    • TYMSNOW TV – weekly family podcasts
    • TYMSNOW workface programs
    • TYMSNOW family franchises
    • Total Time – 12 Months
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  • $250
  • Family Leadership Training

  • per month
    • Personal Life Coaching to help you with your family needs
    • Financial, Legal, Family Wellness Certifications
    • 12 hands-on or on-demand life workshops designed to help HoH’s managed personal and family life affairs
    • Family Life Services helps each family member fix the problem areas in their lives
    • Family Focus Groups
    • Specialized¬† Family Management Courses
    • Internships with TYMSNOW franchise
    • Access to leading standard industry certifications
    • Accredited courses from over 1600 colleges and universities
    • Access to TYMSNOW Eco System
    • Total time to complete – 18 Months
    • Total Time – 18 Months
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  • $250
  • Family Economic Training

  • per month
    • Access to Family Leadership Services
    • 4 hands-on or on-demand life workshops designed to help HoH’s managed personal and family life affairs
    • Specialized¬† Business Management Courses
    • Manage one of TYMSNOW franchise
    • Access to Personal and Family Management Program resources
    • Life Coaching
    • Specialized¬† Community Management Courses
    • Ability to become one of TYMSNOW franchise owners as a valued service provider
    • Access to Personal, Family, and Business Program resources
    • Total Time – 18 Months
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